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Our Team

We are an amazing team of talented facilitators, coaches and program designers committed to providing our clients with the very best in leadership development.

Our team is spread across North America and is ready to help organizations build stronger more collaborative, trustworthy teams so that they can achieve results that require lasting changes in human behavior.  When accomplished, it gives our clients durable competitive advantage.

Meet the Team

Catherine McKernan

Client Solutions

Fred Pitt

Facilitator and Mindfulness Coach

Siobhan Calderbank

Keynote Speaker / Facilitator

Pamela Allen largest

Pamela Allen

Facilitator and Executive Coach

Kirk Fox

Facilitator and

Executive Coach

Valerie Smith

Facilitator and Executive Coach

Francine Piché

Facilitator and

Executive Coach

Sharon Lewis

Executive Coach

Jim Irving



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Charles Feltman

Our Mentor