Trust is a foundation of any relationship.  It can impact your ability to communication, collaboration, innovation, influence, take risks, and so much more. 

All of the Path To Trust programs use trust as the foundation for each learning session.

Trust at Work - The Foundation of Team Success: Building a Strong Cohesive Team™

Trust at Work workshop is a great way to give your team or organization an extra competitive edge.   If you want exceptional results again and again, build a culture of trust. Helping individuals and teams learn to build stronger trust is a excellent first step. Building a culture of trust will ensure strong trust is sustained over time. A workshop will do both: help individuals learn to build, maintain and repair trust with each other and help your organization begin to create a culture of trust.   Read More...


Coaching Excellence - Building a Coaching Culture in your Organization

The most effective organizations are learning organizations – settings in which individuals and teams are able to adapt to continually changing environments, act decisively while in uncharted territory, are accountable and committed to results, and perform at their best when the stakes are highest. To meet these challenges an organization must create a culture that promotes and supports learning and coaching at all levels and in any direction.

The Coaching Excellence™ Program is comprehensive learning experience that teaches the Coach to build and confidently grow their coaching skills. The facilitator is both a Certified (and practicing) Executive Coach as well as a Certified Learning and Development Professional.   Read More...


Collaboration at Work

Why is collaborative working important?

Collaboration is a critical component of the effective worker in today’s fast-paced business environment. Employees are expected to be able to adapt to situations where they have to work well with others outside their usual team in order to achieve combined goals. This means communicating effectively, developing trust, building relationships, leading with influence and being able to work fluidly across boundaries.

With the key knowledge and skills related to collaboration; leaders will become an integral part of their organization. Collaboration skills are not a ‘nice to have’; they are absolutely integral to the success of today’s leaders.  Read More...



The Whole Brain® Framework

Research has shown that Whole Brain® Thinking enhances the collaboration, productivity, and performance of individuals and teams.  Remarkable results can be achieved by applying it to strategic thinking, creative problem solving, decision making, communication, and other organizational challenges.

Understanding and appreciating different thinking styles can change the way you interact with co-workers and customers as well as others around you and help build trust in all relationships.  In this Whole Brain® Thinking workshop, you will become aware of your own thinking style and the thinking style of others, as well as the ability to think outside of your preferred style.  Read More...


Using Emotional Intelligence to Strengthen Performance

Emotional intelligence is not just a desirable ‘soft skill’. In fact, research indicates that emotional intelligence can be a better indicator of workplace performance than IQ.  

Emotional intelligence affects us all, whether we’re constantly working in collaboration with others or individually on projects. With greater self-awareness of your emotions and the ability to empathize and understand other people’s emotional state, you and your team will perform better in the workplace. In other words, being emotionally intelligent makes a real difference to performance and, therefore, profit.

This workshop would be suitable for everyone in your organization, but particularly those that have to interact with others on a regular basis. Read More...