Team Trust Assessment

The Path To Trust Team assessment is designed to help intact teams enhance their levels of mutual trust and thereby deliver excellent results for themselves and their organization. The results will be discussed during your  team program and will encourage an open conversation about how the team may build on their strengths and build higher levels of trust within the team. The program will be led by a qualified Path To Trust facilitator.

HBDI Assessment

HBDI or the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument is a psychometric assessment that shows how you prefer to think. Often referred to as the ‘Whole Brain Model’, it shows us which areas we prefer to think, and which areas we prefer not to think.

The Four Different modes of thinking:

A. Analytical thinking

B. Sequential thinking

C. Interpersonal thinking

D. Imaginative thinking

Take a free assessment and find out how effective your team productivity is.

Emotional Intelligence Assessment

We offer a Emotional Intelligence, self-assessment which is designed to get you thinking about the various competencies of emotional intelligence as they apply to you.

Our five area that we focus our 50 question self-assessment are:





Managing Relationships

All the above areas help you strengthen your leadership capabilities to build trust.