Some assessments focus on how individuals contribute to teams: what strengths and weaknesses they bring to the table, how their behaviour affects the team, and how effective their individual efforts are. Others focus on the team as a whole, evaluating the team's processes and the quality of their results.

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Today’s companies bring together people of different ages, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, people with varying life experiences, education, information sources, styles of thinking and problem solving. This amazing diversity can drive breakthrough innovation and performance when people trust each other.

Strong trust translates into engagement, commitment, accountability, innovation, performance, and, ultimately, results that exceed expectations. Strong trust delivers success and wellbeing at work. When people trust each other, ideas and information flow quickly and freely. People are open, creative and supportive. They coordinate action effectively to get the right things done fast and well. People who trust each other consistently deliver exceptional results.

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Coaching can significantly increase your ability to change behaviour and drive results. Through either group or one-on-one relationship with a coach, leaders identify and focus on their unique development needs. The coaching framework ensures that a sound, constructive connection is established between coachee and coach. The coach then builds on this relationship, challenging the coachee in ways that encourage the stretch needed for development, and then supporting the participant to insure positive change.

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