Mindfulness in the Workplace 

(1 day program offered in the classroom or in our virtual classroom)

Working in today’s high-pressure environment of constant change and disruption can be challenging for many of us. Our bodies and minds are coping with stress in ways that were designed for us to outrun predators thousands of years ago. We need to learn skills to be able to manage in these situations, when we aren’t going to sprint at top speed working out all that adrenaline our brains sent to our muscles to help us escape a saber-toothed tiger!

Mindfulness meditation improves our skills of concentration power, sensory clarity and equanimity, enabling us to experience situations with objectivity and thoughtfulness, rather than initiating an unhealthy fight or flight response. That stressful situation may just be your manager, a co-worker, a customer, or a problem that has come up. Mindfulness meditation shows us that we have the ability to approach these experiences thoughtfully, and in a healthy way, by strengthening skills we already have!

Mindfulness Meditation – an Introduction: A practice-based learning experience that teaches how to build mindfulness meditation skills using an easy to understand, systematic step by step approach.


Living in a world of constant change brings a level of stress to our daily lives that can be overwhelming, impacting our ability to approach our work and lives in a balanced, happy and healthy way. Mindfulness meditation is a practice that, when developed over time, can lead to a healthier, happier and more inspired life, resulting in better relationships, greater self-awareness, and empathy. Organizations looking to provide employees with a work environment that motivates staff to become more skillful and competent at their job, improves capacity for decision making and resilience, and encourages creativity and engagement, will find this program relevant.

Workshop Learning Objectives:

Participants will:

  • Learn how mindfulness can help you effectively lead and work in an environment of constant change.
  • Recognize how mindfulness can impact individuals as well as organizations, leading to more resilience and sustainable high performance over the long term.
  • Learn how mindfulness can help reduce stress, improve focus and develop self-awareness.
  • Learn to think of other means to solve a particular problem, instead of merely reacting to it out of habit.
  • Learn a tool kit of techniques and a solid understanding of how to practice them – right away!
  • Receive on-the-spot instruction demonstrating how to bring mindfulness practices into daily life, such as delivering presentations mindfully and participating in
    meetings mindfully.

Who Should Participate?

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation is designed for:

  • Executive Teams, Management Teams, Staff Teams, Boards, Associations
  • Anyone looking to improve resiliency, relationships, leadership, teamwork, health and happiness.


This program uses an experiential approach combined with immediate daily life application designed to develop skills in concentration power, sensory clarity and equanimity. Clearly defined mindfulness meditation techniques are introduced along with guidelines for creating ongoing practice and development. It is suggested that the program be followed by a series of coaching sessions where participants can check in with a Mindfulness Meditation Coach to get answers on their practice, and tune up mindful meditation techniques. This overall approach provides the necessary learning and ongoing support needed to establish a longer-term mindfulness practice.

Workshop, Coaching Calls:

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5
Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop Coaching Session #1 Coaching Session #2 Coaching Session #3 Coaching Session #4

(Timeline is suggested and can be customized to client requirements)

  • Limited to 15 - 20 persons for maximum value
  • Out of the office, or off-site works best to enable a conducive learning environment

Group Coaching Sessions:

  • 60 minutes by Zoom video conference
  • Opportunity to fine-tune practice
  • Sharing of progress / learning among participants
  • Q&A with a Mindfulness Meditation Coach

Daily Assignments:

  • Ten minutes of mindful meditation a day is all that is needed to build a life changing, daily mindfulness meditation practice.

Workshop Content:

  • Overview of mindfulness meditation – its origins and modern-day application Instructors path to mindfulness meditation – a personal story of the road towards
    mindfulness and the benefits realized
  • Overview of current research linking mindfulness practices to organizational resilience and personal heath
  • Instruction in mindfulness meditation techniques that lead to improving skills of concentration, sensory clarity and equanimity
  • Practical tips for coping with the constant pressures of our high stress, modern lives by establishing mindfulness practice in daily life, such as while walking, eating,
    or attending meetings

Mindfulness in the Workplace Course Outline (PDF)