The Whole Brain® Framework

Foundation for Team Excellence

Length: 1/2 day with Herrman Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI)


Research has shown that Whole Brain® Thinking enhances the collaboration, productivity, and performance of individuals and teams.  Remarkable results can be achieved by applying it to strategic thinking, creative problem solving, decision making, communication, and other organizational challenges.

Understanding and appreciating different thinking styles can change the way you interact with co-workers and customers as well as others around you and help build trust in all relationships.  In this Whole Brain® Thinking workshop, you will become aware of your own thinking style and the thinking style of others, as well as the ability to think outside of your preferred style.

The course will provide a variety of practical application activities where the participants will learn how to utilize the Whole Brain ® concepts. This workshop is highly interactive and experiential.

Learning Objectives

In this Whole Brain® Thinking workshop, participants will gain

  • Greater insights into how they prefer to think, learn and communicate, which enables them to harness the power of their thinking for improved productivity, creativity and fulfillment.
  • Skills, knowledge, and insights into their own preferences of thinking, learning, communicating and the implications of this in the work place.
  • Whole brain technology tools will be provided that will enable participants to return to their organizations confident and eager to fulfill their role in leading or participating in their project team, department or organization’s transformation, or implementing strategic initiatives.

This workshop is noted for its high impact nature in terms of knowledge retention and skill application due to it being founded upon a proven, three-phase approach to learning:


This course is intended for Leaders, managers, project managers and employees who want to improve communication and team interactions using Whole Brain® concepts.


Individuals will complete a Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI).  During the workshop, they will be provided with an overview and professional package of their results

Content Outline

Phase 1: Workshop preparation (pre-work)

Phase 2: Workshop event (training event)

Phase 3: Workshop application (post workshop coaching application assignments)

Overview of Whole Brain Technology

  • Learn about the whole brain technology and how it can be used.
  • Understand the history of whole brain technology and the different models and applications that are commonly used.
  • Understanding your individual thinking, learning and communicating profile (HBDI)
  • Learn about your thinking, learning and communicating brain profile (HBDI).
  • Review your thinking, learning and communications preferences and implications that these have.
  • Review the importance of whole brain thinking, learning and communicating in project teams, organizational transformations and achieving strategic initiatives.
  • Explore how to develop and utilize your thinking, learning and communications preferences more fully.
  • Applying whole brain technology in a variety of thinking, learning and communicating environments
  • Determine how to use the HBDI in a learning environment, in developing a communications plan and on a project team.
  • Practice utilizing HBDI in a learning environment, in developing a communications plan and on a project team.
  • Planning uses of the whole brain technology in the participants work environment
  • Use whole brain techniques to develop an implementation plan in the areas of enhancing learning, developing better communication strategies and enhancing a group’s knowledge creation and diffusion activities.
  • Use whole brain techniques to help implement strategic initiatives and organizational transformations.
  • Use whole brain technology to help personal growth in learning, thinking and communications.

Learn more about the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument

Course Outline (PDF format)