Our Approach

About Us

We're a mission-based company, dedicated to helping organizations build strong, healthy cultures that drive performance one step at a time.

Our Mission

To unlock the power of trust for the benefit of all.

Our Vision

That organizations around the globe, can recognize that establishing, building, cultivating and sometimes mending trust within their culture, will drive better engagement, collaboration, innovation, partnerships, retention, recruitment, and many other vital areas of organizational performance.

Our Values

Be Sincere. We are clear about what we say and say what we mean and act accordingly. We want to be believed and taken seriously. Our actions will align with our words. When we find ourselves in misalignment (as all humans sometimes are), we admit it and work to change our course.

Be Reliable. Simply stated, we meet the commitments we make and keep our promises. You can count on us to deliver.

Be Competent. We have the capacity, skill, knowledge and resources to do it, if we can’t we will let you know it.

Be Caring. We are in this together. We have your interest in mind as well as our own when we make decisions and take actions. We want to build a lasting relationship with you and we need you know we are worthy of your trust.

Be Honest. We always strive to honour commitments, tell the truth, and work out our differences. This last one is hard because it requires having difficult conversations but if you can be honest and have them they will be well worth it.

Be Quirky. All human beings are quirky, even those of us who seem smooth and cool. We don’t hide our quirks or ask others to. This is part of what makes us human and draws people to trust one another if they are honest with themselves

Our Approach

Our unique approach to learning:


produces real business results.

Our expertise in designing and delivering learning sessions ensures participants are engaged in a high-quality learning experience


learning process leaders successfully apply and sustain learning so they can put it into practice immediately.

Path To Trust delivers powerful keynotes, workshops and coaching progams with the potential to transform your workplace culture. We challenge traditional thinking about leadership, creativity, and performance and offer a clear path to fully leverage trust in the workplace in order to improve engagement, collaboration, innovation, partnerships, retention, recruitment, and many other vital areas of organizational performance.

Our Story

The Path to Trust story

Our beginnings were actually spread over many years of listening to you. Organizations kept asking us if we had a solution to help them build better collaboration, better innovations, better leadership. When we dove deeper, we asked what is it that makes organizations successful in today and tomorrow’s marketplace. What is the essence of success? What causes it? Our aha moment came when we discovered it was all about relationships. Relationships with our co-workers, relationships with our leaders, relationships with our customers. As we continued to dive deeper into relationships we slowly discovered that the essence of a relationship is TRUST.

We were introduced to Charles Feltman, author of The Thin Book® of Trust: An Essential Primer for Building Trust at Work who based his findings on three decades of experience working with individuals and teams on issues of trust, integrity, commitment, and collaboration.

Trust is an integral part of relationships. When we learn to trust we feel safe to share our ideas, our concerns, to allow creative thinking to occur. Even if we do not agree or debate an idea, just as long as we are able to listen, respect and value what others have to say will lead to better collaboration, better solutions, hence, better results faster with less interruption.

In addition, trust has emerged as a key differentiator is developing a culture of creative diversity. Having a diverse organization in terms of generations, gender, race, culture, and perspectives can be a huge competitive advantage, but only when the relationships are founded on trust.