Building Trusting Leaders During Change

(1 day program offered in the classroom or in our virtual classroom)


Many organizations are faced with the reality of having to produce more at a faster pace, with increased complexity and uncertainty. The process of change can bring stress to even the strongest organizations. To get people on board with proposed changes, requires trusted and skillful leaders to guide staff through the transitions of change, by moving individuals from their current position to the desired future end state. Managing the range of emotions from excitement and anticipation to anger and resistance requires careful planning and effective communication.

This workshop will give participants effective change strategies to optimize engagement, build trust, drive commitment and increase sustainability when leading teams through change initiatives.

As a leader, have you ever asked yourself…

  • What do I say to my team members to help them through times of change?
  • What is my role in the change process?
  • What do I need to do to plan for the change implementation?
  • How do I respond to change initiatives when I am not aligned with the change?

You are not alone. Every organization experiences some form of change, requiring varying degrees of organizational transformation in order to survive a rapidly shifting environment. Many leaders and employees struggle to keep up with the pressures to respond to demands of the changing economy. Leading Change is aimed to assist people leaders on how to identify and address the typical questions and concerns that employees raise during times of uncertainty, as well as how to use appropriate change strategies and corresponding behaviors to address employee responses to change.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Identify barriers to change and develop plans to manage them
  • Assess different reactions to change, including their own
  • Determine the appropriate change strategies to use and corresponding behaviours to address employee concerns regarding change
  • Apply best practice techniques to lead teams through change


This course is designed to help people managers/leaders become more effective when leading people through change initiatives, responding to employee concerns to change, proactively planning to communicate change and sustaining change to improve overall project success.

Instructional Strategies

To engage participants and stimulate learning, this course encompasses short lecture, guided large and small group discussions, individual reflection and hands-on application through activities in small teams.



Content Outline

Module 1:  Understanding Change Management

Module 2: Your Role in Leading Change

Module 3: Responding to Reactions to Change

Module 4: Communicating Change

Module 5: Proactive Planning for Change

Module 6: Wrapping-Up


Course Outline (PDF)