The Power of Influence at Work

Length: 1 day


Influencing other people is a crucial business skill. Learning how to influence is an essential development skill for any employee, no matter what their role in the organization.

Whether you’re trying to up-skill lower level employees, middle management or senior leaders, the Path To Trust, Power of Influence at Work workshop gives you the skills so you can positively impact across an organization, such as:

  • Making management more effective at influencing desired results.
  • Empowering individuals to innovate and drive positive change.
  • Helps buyers influence suppliers and suppliers influence buyers.
  • Gives any customer facing employees the ability to arrive at more positive outcomes.
  • Helps senior leaders gain consensus around strategic visions. In fact, wherever there is human interaction in the business sphere, our influencing skills training workshop is ideally suited.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this influencing skills workshop your participants will be able to:

  • State the fundamental principles of influencing other people individually or in groups
  • Describe the role of power with regards to influencing
  • Identify their preferred influencing style and the impact this has on others
  • Identify Barriers and Enablers to Influencing
  • Describe and demonstrate their influencing skills via group exercise

Instructional Strategies

This workshop is highly interactive. The instructor presents key concepts, then helps the participants build personal connections through discussions and interactive exercises. They complete an action plan for developing their Path to Trust, and are encouraged to reach out to others in the class to provide mutual support for development.


There is no prerequisite for this program.

Content Outline

The purpose of these influencing skills is to help participants focus on understanding, developing and adapting influencing styles to best suit individual situations. The workshop focuses on looking at behaviours and influencing style, how to adapt this to different situations and how they can approach situations where people have different styles and different levels of commitment.

The skills and models discussed will help participants with managing workload and performance, developing those around them, influencing people other than their own team and influencing people more senior than them.

The Influencing Skills training workshop materials are interactive and engaging and cover the following key areas:

  • What is Influencing? – Looking at the methods and principles we use to get others to do things. How we sometimes think we are influencing when we are not why influencing is an important skill to develop
  • Effective Influencing Behaviours – Understanding the behaviours behind effective influencing skills and their impact on influence
  • Different Influencing Styles – Being able to explain the influencing styles we use, when is the best time to use them and why they are effective
  • Trust – Why trust is a cornerstone to influencing others. What trust means in an influencing relationship and how to develop it.
  • Rapport and First Impressions – How to build rapport, develop good relationships and set a good first impression
  • Influencing Skills - Practice Activity 1 – A fun activity that examines the skills learnt so far and judges personal approaches to influencing
  • Your Influencing Style– A chance to examine the participants own influencing style through a questionnaire followed by a set action plan to develop weaker skills further
  • Power and Influence – Identifying power bases and how they affect influencing. Why it’s important to be aware of them and where and when they might not be effective
  • The TUPAC Model: Influencing Stages – A set model for the five stages of influencing, which gives participants a clear process to follow and helps them understand where influencing mistakes occur
  • Influencing in Groups – Spotting the difference with influencing groups and recognizing the difficulties they may encounter when trying to influence large numbers
  • Influencing - Practice Activity 2 – A final chance to pull all of their skills together through a fun activity. This is supported with a full group review and clear actions.

As with all Path To Trust workshops, this training has been designed with the participant in mind and is engaging, activity based and encourages participation.

The Power Of Influence at Work (PDF)