Improving Team Performance                         

Length: 1/2 day


People have a unique way of doing things. Sometimes team differences are easily accepted and laughed about, and may even complement each other. But too frequently teams find that those differences can also cause confusion, stagnation, or frustration that may lead to a breakdown of trust within the team.  Only when people have a framework to make sense of their differences can they learn what to expect from others and the best way to get what the team needs. This program uses the DiSC ® framework to address three of the most common challenges that teams face: motivation, conflict, and communication. Participants learn simple, intuitive ways to make lasting improvements in a team’s effectiveness.

Learning Objectives

Participants will learn how to:

  • Appreciate the diverse needs and preferences of each DiSC ® style
  • Recognize and capitalize on the personal motivators that drive them
  • Understand their own conflict style and the impact that it has on others
  • Recognize inappropriate or unproductive communication
  • Develop the skill to adapt to the diverse styles of their teammates
  • Enhance team motivation, conflict resolution, and communication


This course is intended for all members of a team, including team leader.


Complete DiSC ® on-line

Content Outline

Module 1 - Discover four styles of behavior and explore the general preferences of your style


Module 2 - Understand what motivates you at work


Module 3 - Learn about your behavior when you are in conflict with others


Module 4 - Learn how to adapt your communication to different styles

Course Outline (PDF)