Join us for our upcoming Mindfulness Mediation, Virtual Workshop

Wednesday April 1st at 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm (EST) and weekly for 8 weeks ending Wednesday May 20, 2010.

A series of 8 weekly one-hour sessions in an online classroom setting. In Mind The Gap’s Mindfulness Meditation Training, using the Unified Mindfulness Framework, you will learn about mindfulness meditation and its benefits. You will learn techniques that you can practice with right away. You will also learn how to take what you learn into daily life, and practice mindfulness meditation while at work, sitting, walking, and doing everyday things like standing in line, working out, and listening to music, among other activities. 

Outcomes include:

  • Opportunity to learn mindfulness techniques and develop a practice over an 8 week period
  • Weekly check-in with teacher to answer questions, practice and get technique guidance
  • Reduce stress and improve focus
  • Improve self awareness, resilience, and relationships with others
  • Ability to choose how to respond to problems, rather than just react
  • Deliver presentations and have difficult conversations – mindfully
  • Improve skills of concentration, sensory clarity, and equanimity
  • Understand how to work with obstacles and/or opportunities
  • Learn how to strategize to get the most out of your mindfulness practice
  • Happiness!!

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